Expectation & Anticipation of God At Work

When I was a child…

I decided that I would not expect anything. At the time, I felt that if I expected something I would be setting myself up for disappointments.

Little did I know that this mentality would spill over into my spiritual life. Going at this rate I eventually found myself in a place where I believed that God was distant and uncaring about my little life and the details thereof.

It’s easy to be negative in this place.

To put this in a different perspective, if you decide to go into business for yourself and try to have a neutral attitude of the success of it, it is highly unlikely. You will either think that your business is going to fail, or is going to succeed. If you think it is going to fail chances are it IS going to fail.

Thus the saying, “What you appreciate appreciates.”

We will always find what it is we are looking for.

So, why expectation?

Expectation helps us in the sense that when things aren’t just as we thought they should be we can still live a life of peace and joy.

2 Ways to Live a Life of Expectation and Anticipation

  1. Re-frame thoughts through focus and prayer. Re-framing helps us to see things through a different angle. To focus is to see things as they are. Think adjusting the focus and angle on your camera! In other words ask yourself what exactly it is that you are telling yourself and come at it from a different angle. Prayer sets our minds on a much higher plane where we become capable of thinking things that set us up for success. Not to say that we are trying to manipulate God. No, it is through prayer that we can renew our minds due to fixing our minds on Christ and what He can do, not what others can do.
  2. Gratitude or praise to God for what He has done or what He will do. Looking for things in our day to be thankful for. This is actually a two for one! When we look outside ourselves to One that is greater than us it gives us a sense of awe and reverence that can outshine many of our difficulties. It places the anxiety or fear into the hands of God and allows us to rest. Looking for things to be thankful for again goes back to the “what we appreciate appreciates.” We begin to see the possibilities we never saw before. 

These are just two ways to experience a life of expectation and anticipation. There could be many more! Do you have some ways that you live a life of expectation and anticipation that help you to live a more abundant life? Please share in the comments!


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