Food Is A Gift Of Love

When I think of all the food that grows on this beautiful earth of ours I’m amazed. I’m amazed because these foods were given to us as a means by which to sustain and heal us.

Thinking about this never truly hit home until …

I got sick.

Then my husband got sick.

Okay, call me a slow learner…

I’d been helping my son who was sick many years earlier but it’s like I needed to experience what it was like to not have physical health.

When I didn’t have physical health all areas of my life suffered.


Are YOU?

It’s amazing how food fuels and restores, gives life back to us if we treat it with the right attitude.

The beauty of food is that it has qualities for life and sustenance.

Once we start to benefit from it we then begin to understand that there could be other opportunities for us, for growth in our lives, other healthy practices that contribute to our well-being.

Why is this?

This is because God is a god of order and balance. We are not random. Everything works together. So go ahead, take a bite of the goodness of real food and think about how God can use it to use you for His honor and glory!

Look at Matthew 6:25

What do we do by worrying about food?

Let’s just eat what God provided and not worry about the extras. The sauces, sugars, dainties, etc, etc..

It produces anxiety.

What do you think.

Can we just eat real food and enjoy the life God’s given us?


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