How to be Concerned Without Being Consumed

We all manage things in life in somewhat of a different way yet many of us find ourselves concerned with the cares of this world. This is normal.

There can be a fine line between being concerned and being consumed.

It’s like walking a narrow mountain path. Some of us can walk the path and feel completely at peace and others of us are queasy with unease and even become ill because of the elevation.

Being concerned about some of the circumstances we find ourselves in life is one thing. When the situation continues and we don’t check in with ourselves it has the potential to drive us to being consumed or anxious.

Checking in with yourself requires us to look at two things.

  1.  What is ideal for me in getting through this big thing in my life? Do I take the high mountain path going as quickly as I can, or do I go around, taking it slow and steady?
  2. Am I okay with course correcting or do I have my thinking set in stone?

Sometimes it is appropriate to take the high mountain path, other times not so much.

As a woman and a parent I wanted to fix things and the sooner the better. When that was not possible what was I left with?

I could continue to insist on “fighting” and mulling through the same processes over and over again and thereby driving myself crazy or I could admit that it’s okay to take a different approach and to let a new more productive approach guide my thinking.

What I was left with because of the “fix it” mentality was a feeling of hopelessness, bewilderment and shame.

Now I know that I can be okay with not being okay about something and not feel like I have to change it.  It’s okay for life and it’s circumstances to have a process. That’s in another blog post called Resting In The Not Knowing.

Some things that helped me were to:

  • set a specific time of day for 15 minutes to think about the situation that has me worried
  • set a specific time of day for myself to pray, meditate on God’s word, and journal about what He is saying to me. Giving the situation to God. He knows all about it after all!
  • eat healthy food that supports my body
  • have some fun with social connections and doing things I enjoy

Have you tried the above or do you have other things that have helped? I’d love to hear!

Blessings on your journey.




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