Lessons From Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

The past 12 years have been quite the journey, one that’s led me to fresh squeezed orange juice. 

It’s been a time where God has been chiseling away, or pruning me. I say pruning because it’s been quite painful at times and that is what I think pruning would feel like. It’s not that the limbs aren’t there, it’s just that without cutting them back the flourishing can’t take place. A stagnation of sorts in its place.

He’s been showing me that it is now time to allow all the good things into my life. Not that I didn’t have good things in my life, I certainly did! What I mean is that it is time to just be open, open to ALL the good things, to pay attention, don’t let them slip by unnoticed.

Here’s the lesson I learned during my breakfast today.

I’d had a good workout and was in need of  substantial nourishment. While preparing the eggs, avocado, gluten free multigrain toast, celery sticks, I thought “Hmmm… it would be nice to use that orange I had leftover, peeled in the fridge, maybe even juiced.” Fresh orange juice, cold, straight from the fridge.

Just like that I dismissed the idea because it was for me and not my husband or anyone else.

The thought went like this, “It’s just me, why?” Almost instantaneously something in me said, “Seriously, it’s orange juice and the juice is just as good for you as anyone else.”

Out came the juicer and within a couple minutes I had the beautiful, fresh squeezed orange juice. It was so good!

As little a thing as this was, it’s taught me that somehow it was ingrained that even things that were good for me I’ve denied myself.

In a crazy way it made me feel worthy in the past!

That’s the past because truly to deny oneself even when it’s right there in front of you is like insanity.

In John 15: 1-5 Jesus talks about how the Father is the gardener who  prunes the branches of me, metaphorically speaking, so that I can be even more fruitful. How does this fruit grow without proper nourishment given to the tree?

He also talks about remaining in Him. When I remain in Him I believe that I will see the things that are available to me in order to grow and thrive. He will open my eyes. Truly, He has been teaching me this for a number of years.

I’ve understood what my body needs and to the best of my ability I take care of it. This among other things have resulted in me coming back to life.  A life for which I am grateful.

There are many reasons we deprive ourselves, why we won’t allow ourselves love, or time, or even fresh squeezed orange juice. What is it for you?

I know that God has a plan to help you grow and flourish too.

If you are someone who has deprived herself and can’t quite figure out why, you are not alone. Is it time to find your why so that you can begin to thrive?

Much love to you!











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