Ready to bloom? Here’s what to do to get started.

What if I told you…

I was in excellent shape and one day I suddenly became unplugged and had no idea why.

That was a huge hurdle in my life as you can imagine. Rather than blooming I felt like that flower bud whose head was hanging and was about to dry up and fall off.

What I didn’t understand was how to bloom despite all that was happening in my life. I saw others doing so. We both know that no one is without their challenges. Why couldn’t I get on with it?

I felt like I was accomplishing a lot just getting out of bed in the morning. Undone.

What can I do in order to get the results?We’ve all had it happen. We feel like it’s time for us to tackle the health concern or personal situation. It may be confidence, sleep issues, aches and pains, autoimmune disease, hormones, weight gain or weight loss…

We often know what we need but just can’t seem to get around to it. We know that if we changed the way we did things we could bloom just as those we admire are. Personally I didn’t even know what to do!

Ready to go from bud to bloom?

I needed to figure out my reason. The number one reason WHY.

Why is this important to me now?

It’s important to know your why because it’s not necessarily going to be an easy process. Simple yes, easy no. Simple is small consistent steps that lead to a full out bloom. This requires some work. Easy requires no real effort. When we know why, we are then more likely to take those small consistent steps, and with more confidence!

In my health coach practice I help women get clear on what their WHY is, so that they can move forward in the most productive route, so that they can bloom in their full color.

Will you take some time to find out YOUR WHY?

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