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Peace In Times Of Turmoil

Life has a bit of an ebb and flow to it. All be it many times more “ebb” and less “flow.” Today I’ve been informed that our winter sport wind up, curling, has been cancelled. This is due to the COVID-19 which has been showing up in Canada in the last week more and more.…

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Keeping Your Balance

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash I’ve heard it said recently that balance is overrated although I tend to disagree. Balance does not mean that everything is perfect. That there are no bumps along the way and everything is smooth sailing everyday. On the contrary, balance comes about because there are upheavals and blind spots and crazy life…

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Resting In the Not Knowing

I’m in charge of my household, my business, myself. I’m in charge as the primary caregiver for my eldest son. I’m in charge. What are you in charge of? As a parent, I along with my husband were in charge of raising our children in the right manner. We did so to the best of…

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