“To Begin, Begin” – William Woodsworth

Life is not predictable. We make plans, go about our days living out those plans but often things don’t work out the way we intended. The landscape looks so different, even foreign.

Often this is cause for discouragement. It’s okay to be discouraged for awhile however we must continue on even though we feel like giving up. It’s now time to pick oneself up and continue on in that foreign land.

All those things that happened, everyone you met, those habits you formed? Use those experiences. Take a good look at them and come to the conclusion to allow all of that to serve a good purpose in your life from this day forward. Yes it is hard, but it is time to move on.  Allow the pain of the past to enhance your future.

This could be way better than you ever thought for a number of reasons:

1. You are older, more mature with a lot of life experience.

2. Those experiences make you human in a sense, where others can relate better to you. Your life isn’t perfect, I know mine isn’t, so if you can do it, so can they!

3. You are less judgmental.

4. You possess better clarity, or have the ability to be more clear because you know what is important in life.

5. You have learned the truth of the famous words by Zig Ziglar, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

How good can it actually be? How good do you desire it to be? Maybe you do have an idea of how good it could be but aren’t quite sure where to begin.

It is my hope, purpose, and joy, to tell you that I’ve been there. I understand where you are coming from. Life completely threw me for a loop and health issues ensued. Once I landed back on my feet I had to decide how to proceed.

How to be healthy in spite of, after all of. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. It’s all connected, each playing a part in who you are privately, at home, work and play.

The following are things I asked myself:


Am I productive in all areas of my life or do I find myself floating, letting things happen in certain areas of my life as opposed to taking charge?


When was the last time I thought about who I am? My gifting, the things I like about me? How about the good things I’ve done and how it makes me feel to do those things?


Many of us have a tendency to be negative not only about others but first and foremost about ourselves. It’s time to put that thinking to rest. I was put here for a purpose and am dearly loved by the one who created me.

Imagine running a business and every morning all you say to your employees are negative comments? I guarantee you that there would be no forward movement, and if there was it would be movement out the door. So how do I expect to succeed personally when all my self-talk is negative? At the end of the day I have to live with myself. Learn to love me!

I have a very good idea of what some of your responses may be. Oh, but you don’t know what I’ve done! How much weight I have to lose, or this health issue, or this is the way it’s always been. I could never because of such and such, etc, etc.

Instead of picking up and moving on it is natural to allow our “mistakes,” weaknesses, life events, to cripple us. We punish ourselves, over and over again.

It is a possibility to choose this path of “staying” but is that where joy can be found?

How are you punishing yourself? We all do it. No one is immune to it. Are you ready to see, or comfortable living with the pain of it?

Once you can recognize the root, life can then have more freedom. Freedom to move forward!

If you’d like to know how to move forward in life or health take a moment to book your free 30 to 60 minute Full Potential Clarity Call.

With love for life,




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