Power & Purpose Call
  • This call is designed to uncover areas of your life where you feel stuck in your health or life, and what you would like to be experiencing instead.
  • You will  come away from this call with personal breakthroughs and clarity that have the potential to propel you toward an understanding of yourself you may have never known before.
  • Get inspired and hopeful for the future and learn your next best steps.
  • You may or may not be a Christian as I am in order to get value from this call. I will respect your beliefs and take them into consideration at all times. I am here to be of service to you.

Ready to begin your own breakthrough?

This call is currently complimentary! Valued at $175


Connie is truly a master at helping you pinpoint exactly what is eroding your power and purpose. I got a lot of clarity and awareness on very deep lifelong patterns I have and how to identify them and shift out of them quickly.

If you are considering doing a call, I wholeheartedly encourage you. It's sooooo worth it!!! C.M.

When I was deeply grieved and weighed down, I didn't know who to turn to who might understand my heart, listen to me and help me reach the passion I once had but had momentarily misplaced. With only a few previous conversation with Connie, I sensed a faith and gentleness in her that I admired. So in my time of need, I reached out to her and she was immediately willing to help me. What an amazing coaching experience I had!!

First of all, I loved the fact that Connie sought the guidance of the Spirit right from the beginning of our session together and asked Him to do His work. Secondly, Connie listened, heard my heart and helped me gain the clarity I needed in order to get out of my sadness and stuckness. Not that I liked it, but I cried and cried and cried and Connie was so calm and caring while she helped me figure out what was really going on in my mind and heart. 

It felt so wonderful to have released it all with someone I could trust and someone who I believed truly cared! In only one hour, I walked away from our session with a huge burden lifted off my shoulder, peace of mind, greater hope, defined purpose and motivation to take courageous empowered action when I entered our conversation angry, doubtful, fearful, defeated and so so grieved. 

For anyone who needs hope, purpose and power, I truly recommend Connie. Thank you, Connie. May you be as blessed as you blessed me.

To God be the glory! C.C.